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Introducing: Ovvio Integration for PSA Solutions

Updated: Jan 17

We are excited to announce the seamless product integration we designed for PSA Solutions, offering specialized solutions to maximize value for the professional services industry.

With this seamless Ovvio integration, clients of PSA Solutions can easily connect their financial management data with their real-time task and work management data in Ovvio.

Saving billable hours by allocating their work management and alignment to Ovvio, selected clients from our design collaboration with Precise are already enjoying the benefits of this integration.

Let's dive into what how we designed our product to fit seamlessly with PSA Solutions and how it benefits their clients.

Ovvio Integration for PSA Solutions
Ovvio Integration: A ready-to-go product flow designed for PSA Solutions

A combination that works: Ovvio + PSA Solutions

Our main objective from day one has been to create a work management solution that answers the unique needs of professional services firms accurately. Having spent our past work experiences mainly at professional services firms across different industries, all of us at Ovvio have shared the frustration that our clients have, and we are committed to bringing a better way of work for the whole field.

Knowing that most companies do need to onboard various other resource management systems, we had to make sure Ovvio fits within their software ecosystem perfectly.

Our goal is clear: To provide a collaborative, smart work management system that tracks real-time data from all employees, feeds existing PSA systems properly and increases company productivity at a larger scale.

Ovvio connects the dots
We aim to eliminate the confusion and miscommunication within the company teams that need to collaborate to succeed.

How do we fit in the PSA solutions ecosystem?

Ovvio onboards clients by having been fed information about all projects, clients and employees via existing ERP/CRM systems and comes in the creative process by offering a collaborative notebook for employees to register their real-time work data (meeting minutes, tasks and documentation).

The data is then organized by Ovvio, broken into bits of valuable information (progress reports, time management, employee productivity) and being used by billing systems and decision-makers of the company.
A chart that illustrates Ovvio's place among the PSA Solutions to provide the best value for professional services.
How it works: PSA Solutions + Ovvio for success.
Ovvio's unique offering and perfect positioning provides the best value for professional services when combined with PSA Solutions.

Ovvio Integration for PSA Solutions

Our integration fits seamlessly with industry-targeted PSA Solutions.

Our offering allows PSA Solution clients to onboard their whole company to Ovvio in just one day, with their previous and ongoing projects, and all necessary documentation, as well as a tiered access and employee profile for higher and entry level employees.

A truly seamless integration

Clients of our pilot program with Precise are using Ovvio in a design language that is customized for them thanks to our white-label solution specially offered for our PSA Solution integrations. The integration then smoothly exports real-time work data, billable hours and more to their financial management systems for a clear and reliable financial assessment and productivity reading.

Illustration of Ovvio's platform as a white-label design, specially created for PSA solution integrations.
A white-label solution by Ovvio: A truly seamless integration.
A fruitful design collaboration

Our integration also involves a highly important development opportunity for both parties.

Ovvio has already onboarded several architecture firms as a pilot of the integration deal and as a result, we are testing and approving new and much appreciated features at lightning speed - which all onboarded clients are able enjoy immediately.

Highlights: The true value of Ovvio

Our successful and ongoing integration with PSA Solutions shows the true value of Ovvio: A fantastic addition to the world of professional services work environment that brings significant clarity of work, fast and secure data handling and as a result - accountable and traceable work progresses with higher productivity numbers.

In Ovvio, we believe a smart and targeted work collaboration solution will bring a healthier work environment, client relations success and better team productivity. And we continue to work everyday to provide just that.

The proof is in the pudding!

Read our case study from our pilot with one of the largest architecture firms in Israel and how Ovvio's offerings make a real difference in time saving efforts in managerial work.

If you're interested in onboarding Ovvio to your company or eager to start a similar design collaboration and integration with us, go ahead and schedule a meeting with me from the link below:


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