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How does Ovvio reinvent ways to better serve the professional services industry?

In an industry as vast as professional services, firms often struggle to find the right digital solutions and end up losing valuable time and resources in the search process.

In this post, I'm digging into our winning mindset for the growth of Ovvio and how we successfully and holistically contribute to the professional services industry.

Looking for the right solution to make project management easier...

1. Be a driver of innovation in the professional services industry

Professional services firms are turning to various solutions and systems in the market to help automate their processes of billing, accounting, and work management to ramp up productivity in the long term.

Innovation in work management platforms often comes from a limited understanding of the way the product business works.

At Ovvio, we flipped the script from the start.

We bring innovation into our product from our experts whose backgrounds are rooted in professional services firms. From EY and Accenture to several leading legal firms of Israel, our team's years of expertise in the industry is the running force of innovation in our product development processes.

2. Innovate for the clients, with the clients

The incredibly complex nature of professional services firms, coupled with a great level of diversity of sectors that we aim to cater to is a unique challenge to face while product development.

Through understanding how our clients get day-to-day work done using their conventional products, we dig deep into problem points to better understand the most time consuming and confusing areas in their work flows. This targeted and case-based approach allows us to upgrade our services in minor but meaningful ways.

Our ultimate goal is to create a digital work environment for all our clients, where they can create and fulfill tasks freely and collaboratively, in a totally integrated manner with their complimentary work products.

3. Achieve loyal and growing partnerships for continued success

As professionals with expert-level backgrounds at various professional services firms, all of us at Ovvio are determined to serve this industry in more ways than one.

In addition to directly servicing professional services firms from various sectors, we are constantly building new partnerships with exceptional platforms. From PSA solutions to billing and accounting systems, platforms that cater to the needs of our clients are our top priority when it comes to integrations and partnerships.

With a mindset that is focused on maximizing productivity in the industry, we are incredibly thrilled to be building great partnerships and integrate Ovvio with sector-leading platforms for continued success.


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