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Major News: Ovvio partners with Precise to increase client impact!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

This fruitful partnership offers Precise clients a seamless Ovvio integration along with a great deal of opportunities for Precise as a firm to expand its offerings and value beyond its top competitors.

Over at our side at Ovvio, thanks to a consistently growing client base we will onboard with Precise, we are now committed to growing our product capabilities faster than ever.

I'm Nadav, co-founder and CEO at Ovvio, and below, I'll dive into what this partnership is all about, and what opportunities we see in its future to promote better productivity in the professional services sector.

Illustration of our team celebrating the collaboration with leading PSA solution Precise:)
Growing by the day: Ovvio joins forces with Precise to enhance client value

Joining forces for a bigger impact

Our main objective at Ovvio from day one has been to create a work management solution that answers the unique needs of professional services firms accurately. Having spent our past work experiences mainly at professional services firms across different industries, all of us at Ovvio have shared the frustration that our clients have, and we are committed to bringing a better way of work for the whole field.

To this end, we work tirelessly to create and improve a collaborative and smart work management system that tracks real-time data from all employees, feeds existing PSA systems properly and increases company productivity at a larger scale.
What better way to achieve our goals than joining forces with a powerful financial consultancy firm with deep industry knowledge and reach across the US, Europe, and Middle East?

Ovvio + Precise: A match made in heaven!

A leading financial advisor for architecture, engineering and legal firms across the United States, Europe and the Middle East, Precise is the perfect match for Ovvio to take the leap forward in our claim to create better work solutions for the professional services industry.

With over 600 clients and over 25 years in the field, Precise is a leading financial advisor for many accomplished firms; all of which are professional services firms. Their deep understanding of the industry across multiple sectors is highly valuable in our design partnership.

Ovvio and Precise combine cutting-edge technology with deep industry knowledge for unparalleled client support.
Ovvio and Precise combine cutting-edge technology with industry knowledge.

Our secure and fast solution to work management, tailored for the needs of professional services firms, is an incredible asset for Precise in our partnership.

Thanks to the highly customizable nature of Ovvio and our fast-paced team, we provide valuable and innovative insights for business development and client satisfaction at Precise.

Ovvio’s productivity solution expertise meets Precise's industry expertise to create a powerhouse collaboration that takes business solutions to new heights!

Our Design Partnership: What to expect

Comprehensive Solutions

Over the span of our partnership, we are seamlessly integrating our innovative SaaS solutions with Precise, offering strategic insights for a holistic business approach.

The integration will open opportunities for Precise to provide a data-based and reliable financial assessment and productivity reading for its clients.

Industry Expertise

Our collaboration with Precise also involves a highly important development opportunity for both parties.

Ovvio now has an increasingly large number of user data, as well as joint product discussions with the teams at Precise, which speeds up our product development processes significantly.

A chart that illustrates Ovvio's place among the PSA Solutions to provide the best value for professional services.
How it works: Ovvio fits in the professional services technology ecosystem perfectly.

Client-Centric Excellence

Unwavering commitment to client success is at the core of everything we do. Ovvio and Precise combine cutting-edge technology with deep industry knowledge for unparalleled client support for architecture, engineering and legal firms globally.

Outcomes: Opportunities ahead!

Our design partnership with Precise shows the true value of Ovvio: A fantastic addition to the world of professional services work environment that brings significant clarity of work, fast and secure data handling and as a result - accountable work progresses with higher productivity numbers.

In Ovvio, we believe a smart and targeted work collaboration solution will bring a healthier work environment, client relations success and better team productivity. And we continue to work everyday to provide just that.

Next up: Growth in numbers
Coming up, we have some interesting case studies to share from our design partnership with Precise's solutions and how Ovvio's offerings make a real difference in the way professional services firms manage their work.

If you're interested in onboarding Ovvio to your company or eager to start a similar design collaboration with us, go ahead and schedule a meeting with me from the link below.

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