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Case Study: Ovvio makes life easier for top architecture firm

We are proud to share some our first learnings and user data from our design collaboration with Precise, leading consulting firm for professional services firms in Israel and Europe.

As part of our collaboration, we onboard several architecture and planning firms to Ovvio and help them track real-time task and work management data in Ovvio to save billable hours.

Let's look into our case study based on our pilot onboarding with one leading architecture firm with over hundreds of active projects and employees!

Case Study: Ovvio's role in maximizing productivity for top architecture firm
Case Study: Ovvio's role in maximizing productivity for top architecture firm

Onboarding Ovvio

Chart showing an easy onboarding flow to get started in one day.

We designed a smooth process of onboarding for large organizations to enable them implement all of their data in 1 day and start using Ovvio.

Organizations can unify their methodologies by choosing the right documentation and templates, create their employee tiers and setting their custom filters within Ovvio.

Before Ovvio: How things were

The architecture company onboarded in our case has been managing simultaneously running projects by relying upon different management methodologies.

  • Each manager has their own methodology to manage projects

  • Each team leader manages and tracks their team’s workload personally

  • Meeting minutes are held personally and shared upon request

  • Tasks are managed using mostly Excel, personal notebooks and Trello

Our top priority was to introduce this team to a solution tailored for the unique issues endured commonly by professional services firms.

Top Benefit: Unify methodology with Ovvio

The company seized the opportunity to unify work and create methodologies-based project types, irrelevant to the team leader.

How it works?
  • Ovvio integrates with the PSA Solution (ERP / Billing system)

  • Opens all company projects based on pre-defined templates

  • Each project starts in the correct milestone

  • Employees are divided into the projects, with varying access levels that allows for different set of actions

Data showing the pilot company's methodology in Ovvio

How does employee access levels work?

Following our latest upgrades, Ovvio now supports organizational control settings which allows for companies to choose admin-level employees with onboarding and methodology defining settings. More on new Ovvio settings allowing for high-level controls and improved data security coming very soon!

The Usage is Incredible!

Data showing the pilot company's methodology in Ovvio

Our successful client pilot shows that Ovvio is a very interesting addition to the company's work processes. Our users manage their tasks directly from Ovvio, allowing a clear and easy communication channel between managers and their teams while keeping all work processes accountable and traceable for higher management.

Using Ovvio: First Results

All company data became visible and manageable to the whole company for the first time!

Some major learnings and gain from our pilot client are:

  • Team leaders have better visibility on due deliverables for the next few weeks, which makes planning easier

  • Employees have clear visibility of their own workload in short and long term in one place

  • Managing directors and head architects have real-time productivity data

  • Data is updated back to ERP, and PSA systems automatically in real time

If you're interested in onboarding Ovvio to your company or eager to start a similar design collaboration and integration with us, go ahead and schedule a meeting with us from the link below:


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