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Workspace Templates: The best way to streamline work processes

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Creating workspace templates that fits your organization's methodology is a great way to achieve productivity with Ovvio. Let's dive in!

As Ovvio Team, in order to achieve the goal of optimizing efficiency in work management for our users, we have gathered critical data from them and came up with unique solutions to improve the ways they collaborate and work.

One thing we heavily influence our users to do is: To get creative in reflecting their own methodologies and work process directly in Ovvio.

This way, each company using Ovvio can really benefit from its ground-breaking flexibility.

Sector-leading companies have one thing in common: Unique methodologies & work process that brings them success with their top clients.

One of the best ways to reflect your company's unique work process in Ovvio is to create Workspace Templates, so they can be re-used and re-applied by relevant teams of your organization.

Let's start with how to create a Template Workspace in Ovvio.

  • Create a New Workspace

  • Create Meeting Minute Templates saved under your "Notes"

  • Create Task Templates saved under your "Tasks"

  • Duplicate the Template Workspace for "New Client Project"

  • Add Relevant Teams & Rename the Workspace and start working!

Here are top 3 benefits of using Custom Template Workspaces in Ovvio:

Implementing Your Methodology using Custom Tags

Whether an organization works under agile or waterfall methodologies, each organization has specific structuring and sub-methods in place to increase their teams' productivity.

In Ovvio, all notes & tasks are categorized under and can be tracked with your organizational tags. This allows for a large organization to keep track of:

  • Project Phases

  • Progress Reports

  • Planning

  • Deadlines

and many more metrics, simply by using #tags.

Ovvio takes care of the rest by keeping everything in order!

Keeping Consistent Meeting Minutes

Efficient collaboration is key for project success. However, if priorities and ideas gets lost in emails or calls that are not effectively documented, they can create huge blockers in the creative process and eventually, in client satisfaction.

That is why, creating a Meeting Minute template that fits your methodology is one of the easiest ways to achieve instant collaboration.

Each project manager in your organization can keep track of client and team meetings, while instantly creating and checking tasks in a collaborative workspace. All within your organization's methodology.

Ensuring Success Across Multiple Projects

By implementing your organization's methods using #tags and template workspaces in Ovvio, it is easier to ensure high success rates in closing projects within deadlines & client expectations.

Simply by following #status tags of each task, each organization can measure their methodology's success in seconds. You can easily to add/subtract #tags to keep perfecting your organization's productivity while using Ovvio.


Think Ovvio can benefit your organization too?

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