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How to implement your methodology in a new productivity solution?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Creating #customtags is a key feature in Ovvio that is designed to improve each organization's productivity.

Take a look at the learnings of our user-based research about how professional services firms implement their work process within their productivity tool without causing confusion for employees.

Law offices and consultancy firms use Ovvio to easily manage multiple client projects effectively. Each professional services firm coming from different sectors work under different phases and process, making flexibility our number one priority while developing Ovvio.

The agility of Ovvio relies on how we organize all client projects, notes, teams and tasks under your organizations #custom #tags without compromising values of clarity and simplicity.

Making the Complicated Part Easy

Getting a clear view of all open projects and multiple tasks attached to them - related to many teams: That is the challenge!

Using productivity and work management solutions within an organization is only beneficial if it streamlines multiple complicated actions in managerial process.

Allowing companies the space to implement their methodologies and provide them a fast, agile, real-time collaborative and scalable platform is our ultimate goal.

Finding Simplicity in Proven Methodologies

Tried & proven work process of each organization can be applied within Ovvio.

Your proven methodologies should be reflected and easily used in your work management solution. While servicing our clients at Ovvio, we have concluded that each organization has a unique need to define their progress, phases, deadlines, deliverables, outcomes and reports in their own way.

The only 'system tags' in Ovvio are #status tags: #ToDo / #InProgress / #Done / #Cancelled

In order to eliminate confusion and multiple #tags for simple status wordings, our #status tags give you the perfect clue to start building your #custom tags that perfectly reflects your proven methodologies.

Scalable Within Minutes

Growing companies shouldn't sacrifice hours trying to adapt their new methodologies within the systems they work.

When companies grow, they often times change or refresh their methodologies. While change can bring many new opportunities for creativity, it can also cause confusion in a work management tool that is full of ongoing and archived data sensitive to your organization.

Simply implementing new and improved #tags first, before deleting past #tags allow organizations to have time to get used to new categories and phases. Color coding tags also allows for simply to cue the upcoming "inactive" tagging features.

Reporting productivity measurements of updated methodology is currently underway, to be released within new features. Stay Tuned for Ovvio Updates!


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